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Learn the secrets to writing fiction, and getting paid for it.

Fiction Writing Master Course

Hone Your Fiction-Writing Skills and Make Money as a Novelist

Janice Thompson’s “Fiction Writing Master Course”

In this exciting course for fiction writers, you will be given a thorough introduction to the world of novel writing. With the help of author Janice Thompson, who has published nearly sixty books, you will discover the various components of a best-selling novel and will learn the ins and outs of the submission process, tackling those dreaded query letters and proposals.

You will be given a thorough introduction to:

  • Fiction Genres

  • 12-Step Plotting (based on Janice Thompson’s “Plot Shots” method)

  • Characterization (Pandora’s Box Method)

  • POV (point of view)

  • Passive versus Active writing

  • Dialogue and Narrative balance

  • Backstory Blues

  • Themes, Style, and Author Voice

  • How to avoid Author Intrusion

  • Humor Writing

  • Common Fiction Mistakes
    …and much more.

With the tools you will receive in this detailed course, you will be able to present a brilliantly written novel to an editor or agent. . .with confidence! You can meet with Janice in the forums for the coaching you need as you move along the journey toward becoming a published novelist. Best of all, you can earn those advances and royalties you’ve been longing for.

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Each of the lessons below is jam packed with ideas, strategies, tips, techniques, and secrets that will help you succeed as a freelance fiction writer.

For your convenience, each lesson is presented in a variety of formats, so you can watch, read, listen to, or download the material to learn at your own pace.

Each lesson includes all three formats:

  • On screen video teaching from Janice Thompson
  • Download MP3 audio version of the lesson
  • Download PDF transcript of the lesson

Each lesson also includes:

  • Download PDF Worksheet
  • Download PDF Bonus Resource material


Before you can establish yourself as a novelist, you must develop an understanding of the fiction genres/categories. Choosing the best genre (or genres) is critical to your success. But with so many categories to choose from, how do you know which is your best fit? This lesson will give you a thorough introduction to genre writing and will provide you with the necessary information to choose the one(s) best suited to your literary style and voice.

LESSON TWO: PLOTTING – “Plot Shots” Method

Every story needs a beginning, middle and end. Careful plotting will lead the reader on a satisfactory, realistic journey through each of those stages, creatively weaving in and out, up and down.  But how do we begin to plot our stories?  Is there a magic formula? In this lesson from author Janice Thompson, you will discover the “Plot Shot” method, and will learn how to plot your novel in twelve easy snapshots.


In this lesson, Janice Thompson lays out the need for great characterization, knowing and developing your characters. Make your characters come to life with the Pandora’s Box method of characterization.


Point of View (P.O.V.) is a critical fiction component. But how do you employ it to your best advantage? Can you really tell your story in such a way that editors, agents and readers will connect with your characters on the deepest level? This detailed lesson on Point of View offers students a thorough teaching on the various P.O.V.s (omniscient, third person, second person, first person), and gives specific examples and tips so that they can become P.O.V. purists.


Have you ever been accused of information dumping? Do you know the difference between active voice and passive voice? Have you conquered the art of “showing” instead of “telling?” This detailed lesson–filled with nuggets of wisdom from published authors–will give writers the tools they need to strengthen their stories and pull them into active voice.


Backstory. You feel it’s critical to your novel. After all, the reader needs to know where your primary character has come from–what she’s been through–why she acts like she does. So, do you add the backstory or not? If so, can you do so without resorting to author intrusion? And where will you place it? At the beginning of the story? Elsewhere? Will it come out in lumps or snippets? This lesson offers students an intense look at backstory and includes tips for interjecting it without stopping the action.


Need help determining your story’s central theme? Trying to figure out your writing “style?” Wondering if you’ve developed a distinct writer’s “voice,” unique from others in the industry? In this detailed lesson, we will examine these three “Getting to Know You” essentials for novelists. Students will learn how to incorporate some of the greatest themes of all time. Once their novel’s theme is established, students will examine the ins and outs of “natural style,” and take a close look at what makes a writer’s voice individual/unique. Best of all, they will discover a natural approach to writing. “To thine own self be true!”


Can’t figure out why your book keeps getting rejected? Wondering what to do about it? In this comprehensive lesson for fiction writers, author Janice Thompson details twenty of the most common mistakes novelists make, and gives tips for how to correct them. With this valuable information you can polish your manuscript till it shines!


Some writers are born with an overactive funny bone. Others have to work hard to be funny. (Ironic, isn’t it?!) If you’re interested in adding a little har-de-har-har-har to your novel, then you’ve come to the right place. In this light-hearted lesson, author and speaker Janice Thompson shares her top ten tips for adding humor to your writing. The bonus feature contains another twenty tummy-tickling techniques, so hang on for the ride!


So, you’ve got a completed manuscript and you’re ready to pitch it to an agent or editor. Now what? This exciting lesson on query letters and book proposals will point you in the right direction, giving you all the confidence you need to submit, submit, submit! Students who use the information provided in this lesson can compose polished query letters and dazzling book proposals, sure to impress both editors and agents, alike.

You get all 10 lessons, worksheets, and bonus features for ONE LOW PRICE!

For Only $47.00 you can have access to ALL TEN LESSONS, plus BONUS FEATURES!

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Fiction Writing


In this exciting lesson you will discover the various components of a best-selling novel. You will be given a thorough introduction to genre writing, titling, plotting, setting, characterization, POV (point of view), balance of dialogue and narrative and much more. With the tools in this lesson, you can present a brilliantly written novel to that editor or agent. . .with confidence! Best of all, you can earn those advances and royalties you’ve been longing for.

This Lesson Includes:

Powerpoint Video Teaching by Janice Thompson

MP3 Audio Version of the lesson for download

PDF Audio Transcript of the lesson

PDF Download Worksheet

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