Navigating the Business of Freelance Writing

Learn Freelance Writing Business

Navigating the Business of Freelance Writing

by Full-Time Freelance Author, Janice Thompson

This course will help you learn the ropes to sustaining a long term career, with an inside view of what it means to be a professional freelance writer.

Lessons include:

  • LESSON ONE: Plotting Your Writing Career
    • Learn the secrets of planning your career and keeping your head above water as you balance your current lifestyle with the demands of discipline required to succeed as a freelance writer.
  • LESSON TWO: Branding and Taglines
    • Learn to build your personal brand, build your reputation, and gain a clear focus of your purpose as a writer.
  • LESSON THREE: Building Your Writing House
    • Learn the ins and outs of the publishing business.
  • LESSON FOUR: Working with a Critique Group
    • Learn how to find others who can help you hone your craft and polish your work to give yourself the best chance for publication.
  • LESSON FIVE: The Conference Experience
    • Learn how to get the most out of attending conferences where you have a chance to connect with other authors and editors.
  • LESSON SIX: Finding and Working with an Agent
    • Learn how to find an agent that will promote your work and help get you published.
  • LESSON SEVEN: Making the Sale (includes a primer on contracts)
    • Learn the business of freelance writing, how to submit, contracts, rights, and more.
  • LESSON EIGHT: Author-Editor Relationships
    • Learn to build and maintain solid relationships with editors who are key to your success as a freelance writer.
  • LESSON NINE: Working with Your Publisher to Market Your Book
    • Learn how to market your book in conjunction with your publishing house and editor. Great ideas for getting the word out to the masses.
  • LESSON TEN: Sustaining a Lucrative Career
    • Learn to develop a long term plan for your freelance writing career.

Each lesson includes:

  • 3 Convenient Ways to learn – Video, Lesson Transcript, or Audio – Watch the video version of the lesson online, then download the PDF Transcript and MP3 audio file to take it with you.

  • Download PDF Worksheet

  • Download PDF Bonus Feature to help you dig deeper into each lesson

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