Non-Fiction Writing Course

“Our Non-Fiction Writing Course will help you gain the confidence and “know-how” you need to successfully Write, Submit and Market the non-fiction book you’ve always dreamed of writing.”

As a non-fiction writer you have a message that will help others gain knowledge and understanding to live a better life. Your experience is valuable to those who are seeking answers to issues that you have researched or have experienced for yourself.

It is important for you to share what you know with others. While helping others to enjoy their lives or helping them to cope with challenging issues in life, as a published non-fiction writer, you will in turn experience the joy and satisfaction that only comes from serving others with your talent and experience.

Non-Fiction Writing CoursePeople Are Waiting For Your Books and Articles

Some of the most popular segments in the non-fiction publishing industry are how-to, self-help, personal development, true life experience books and magazines. Many people in today’s world are looking for answers to questions about:

* how to live a better life
* how to raise healthy and responsible children
* how to have a better marriage
* how to cope with tragedy
* healthy eating habits and lifestyles
* how to find a fulfilling job

They are looking for:

* spiritual advice
* tips on gardening
* recipes for diabetics
* health tips
* ideas for hobbies
* travel tips and vacation destination guides

Brides want ideas for their weddings, young ladies want advice about dating, marriage, makeup and fashion. People want to learn how to lose weight. The list goes on and on and on…..

Where are they going to get all of this advice and help? Well, some of them are waiting to get it from you.

People Are Waiting To Pay You For What You KnowWriting Non-Fiction

That’s right! Publishers, Editors and the General Buying Public are willing to pay you for what you know. That extra income could help you pay the bills, provide those little extras that you and your family deserve, or in the long run, turn into a profitable full-time writing career.

Think about it. The bookshelves of your local bookstore are filled with the types of books that I have described. Someone had to write them. How did they know what to write? How did they learn enough about the topic to be able to write a book? There are two basic things that all of those books have in common – Research and Personal Experience. You have both of those tools at your disposal already.

So what else do you need in order to successfully write and sell your own book?

You Need To Know…

.Non-Fiction Writing to effectively get your thoughts and ideas on paper and submitted to publishers, so that all of those people who need help can benefit from what you have to say. Think about all of the things you know, all of the things you’ve experienced. You know things that can help others to live a more productive and fulfilled life.

But, no one will ever benefit from your experiences unless you learn how to:

  1. Effectively communicate through non-fiction writing
  2. Learn the process for successfully submitting your work to publishers and editors

It’s Easy and Convenient to Learn What You Need To Know

We’ve created a resource that you can use to easily and conveniently learn how to write creative non-fiction and successfully submit your work to editors who are waiting for just the right book to publish.

Our Non-Fiction Writing Course offers 24/7 access to the course material and is set up in a “work at your own pace” format so that you can take your time to get a full understanding of the concepts taught in each lesson while still enjoying time with your family and writing group friends.

All of the lessons are easy to understand and apply so you will be able to quickly see the progress in your work.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Non-Fiction Writing Course

Lesson One – From Magazines to Books – Building Your Platform

Build your platform and reputation as an expert in your field with articles that will give you credibility with editors and your audience, so you can sell more books and impact more lives with your writing.

Lesson Two – Understanding Non-Fiction Book Types

Learn to identify the best way to reach your target audience. Maybe your non-fiction project would work best as a book or a devotional calendar. Maybe it would impact more lives if you added an audio recording, or video series, or Bible Study Guide based on your book. You’ll never know until you can identify and explore the opportunities available to you. What you learn in this lesson will also help you to save time by being able to more precisely identify potential publishers who are reaching your ideal target audience.

Lesson Three – Best Selling Topics

Learn to find the best selling topics that are consistently in demand. This will help you to match your expertise to topics that can bring consistent writing opportunities and a steady flow of income for your writing efforts. Learn to focus your attention on topics that will consistently sell and deliver a paycheck to your mailbox.

Lesson Four – Compiling Your Information

Learn to compile and assemble your information into a compelling story which will draw your readers in and keep them turning the pages.

Lesson Five – Strengthen Your Writing – 33 Tips for Strengthening your writing technique and skills

Strong writing is the foundation for a long term successful career in writing. Use the 33 tips for strengthening your writing technique so editors and readers will sit up and take notice of what you have to say. Gain confidence in your ability to communicate your message.

Lesson Six – Using Fiction Techniques In Your Non-Fiction Writing

Learn how fiction writing skills can enhance and transform your non-fiction writing. Readers will become engaged with your message when you learn how to incorporate fiction writing skills into your non-fiction writing. Learn to tell a compelling story by using the proper theme, tone, pacing, characterization and point of view so that editors will know they are working with a professional writer who will deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Lesson Seven – The Submission Process

Approach editors with confidence your very first time by understanding the “dos and dont’s” of the submission process. We unlock the secrets to successfully submitting your book for publication. Learn the proper way to submit your book proposal to increase your chances of having your book published.

Lesson Eight – Making the Sale

Once you’ve made the sale, know what to expect. Get a glimpse of what happens once you submit your proposal. We’ll give you an inside look at what to expect once your non-fiction book proposal is received by the editor at your publishing house. Learn how to work with your publisher to help complete the project and proudly see your non-fiction book for sale in your favorite bookstores and online venues.

Lesson Nine – Marketing Your Book

Learn to promote your book to your target audience like a pro. Knowing how to promote and market your book will add value to you as an author in the eyes of editors. This skill is becoming more and more important in today’s writing marketplace. Knowing how to promote and market your book will help increase your chances of having your book published. The things you learn in this lesson will also help you to understand how to market and sell your other writing projects both online and offline. You will be able to sell more books with your own effort and keep more of the profit for you and your family to enjoy.

Lesson Ten – How To Stay in the Game

Avoid becoming a “one hit wonder” by learning the secrets of developing a long term writing career. Learn how to maintain your career as a freelance writer with 25 tips for success from multi-published freelance author Janice Thompson. You can take control of your future as a writer with her 25 tips for success. You’ll be secure in knowing what it takes to be a long term successful freelance writer.

Learn From a Professional Writer and Marketer

Learn non-fiction writingThe course was developed by Janice Thompson, a full-time, freelance author with 80+ published books to her credit, who has her finger on the pulse of the writing industry. You can be assured that you are receiving the most current information related to non-fiction writing which can help you present your materials to editors in a way that says you are a confident professional who understands what they need, translating into  publishing agreements and long term relationships to help advance your writing career.

In addition to Janice’s experience, you will also have the benefit of hearing from marketing professional Teddy Levron, founder of iSuccessAcademy, LLC. Together, Janice and Teddy will help you filter and avoid bad advice that is available online from people who have not “been there and done that,” but are just rehashing outdated methods and ideas. This will help you to stay focused on methods and skills that actually work in today’s marketplace.

Learn In Your Favorite Format

We know that everyone learns in a different way. Some people learn better while reading, while others are better able to quickly absorb information with video or  audio components.

That’s why we’ve included all three!

Each of the lessons includes:

* A Video Presentation of the Lesson – which you can watch online, from your smartphone or laptop
* Download Transcripts of the Lesson – which you can print out and take with you to read while you are picking up your children from school or sitting in your favorite park for writing inspiration
* Download Worksheets for Each Lesson – Print it out to take notes and complete the exercises in the lessons
* An Audio MP3 Version of the Lesson – to download to your favorite audio device

All of the course material is portable and convenient to access through the Members Only Login that you will receive when you purchase the course.

You will be able to combine learning methods to get a better understanding of the material so you can apply what you learn quickly and easily to your own writing projects. It will make you a more confident and better writer which will increase your chances of successfully gaining the attention of the proper editor who can publish your work and make it available to the audience who will most benefit from your work.

 You’ll Also Receive These 10 Free Bonus Articles to help you get a deeper understanding of non-fiction writing

1. Branding and Taglines – How to build an identity as a writer

You’ll learn the importance of building a consistent, memorable brand for you and your writing so that editors and readers will recognize your work and keep coming back for more.

2. Writing the Memoir – Formal Memoir or Loose Family History – The Choice is Yours

Learn to choose between formal memoir or loose family history styles for your writing to help your readers get the most out of your story.

3. The Needy reader – Ideas for fine tuning your writing to meet the needs of your readers

Learn to write so your readers get the most out of your message. Tips and ideas for fine tuning your writing to meet the needs of your audience, which translates into more readers and more sales for your book.

4. What’s In – What’s Out – Save time writing only those things that have the best chance for publication in today’s market

This bonus will help you avoid wasting time on projects and topics that just won’t sell.

5. Ghostwriters and Co-Authoring – Tips on hiring or working with a ghostwriter

Tips to help you consider your options when hiring a ghostwriter or co-author, or to gain an understanding of how you could ghostwrite for others.

6. Adding a Literary Slant to Non-Fiction – More insight into how to incorporate fiction writing techniques in your non-fiction writing projects

Janice Thompson shares an excerpt from one of her books to help you further understand how using fiction techniques in your non-fiction writing will make your book more interesting and compelling.

7. Sample Non-Fiction Book Proposal – Step by step look at how to properly assemble your non-fiction book proposal

A step-by-step look, using an actual non-fiction book proposal, at how to properly assemble your next book proposal so editors will be more likely to read it and consider your book for publication.

8. Working with an Agent – Demystify the Process

* How do you find an agent?
* When do you need one?
* How will you know when you’ve found a good one?
* How to avoid a bad one

All answered in this Free Bonus

9. The Publisher’s Role in Marketing – Get an understanding of what your publisher will do to help promote your book and what you will need to do to help them sell more books

Get a better understanding of what your publisher will and won’t do to promote your book. You’ll also get a better understanding of the importance of what you’ve learned in Lesson Nine – Marketing Your Book, included in the course.

10. Author-Editor Relationships – How to build and maintain long term publishing relationships with editors

More tips and ideas that will help you build confidence when approaching editors with your book proposals and article queries

If That’s Not Enough, Check This Out…

While everything I’ve listed above makes this a pretty comprehensive course and resource for the beginning Non-Fiction Writer, I know that as you work through the course, you may need some help to apply the material to your specific situation. That’s why we’ve included UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to our MEMBER’S ONLY NON-FICTION DISCUSSION FORUM  where both Janice Thompson and Teddy Levron are available to answer your non-fiction writing and marketing questions. Get the answers you need from full time professionals.

You can get feedback on your assignments and exercises from the instructors and other writers who are enrolled in the course. This will help you improve your writing skills in a friendly, non-threatening, encouraging environment. It will also help to keep you moving forward on your project which will move you closer to submitting your work and having it published so that the world can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Take the guesswork out of how the industry really works. Become successful in a shorter period of time.

All Wrapped Up With a No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that this course will provide even more than you expected, but if not, we’ll give you your money back.

Try it for 14 Days. If you don’t believe the Non-Fiction Writing Course, with Unlimited Access to our Members Only Non-Fiction Discussion Forum will help you become a better writer and able to help you learn to market and promote your work more consistently, we’ll refund your money.

It’s that simple. You have nothing to lose!


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